Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I wish my bike had health insurance

Last night I decided to ride my mountain bike to Mount Vernon. I got there in half an hour (I was feeling pretty strong so I was trying to really fly) and as soon as I crested the last hill, I turned back around and headed home. 

Trying to beat the failing sunlight, I really started to push myself. Soon I looked back and noticed a roadie behind me. Road cyclists make my ego get the best of me. I like to ride my full suspension mountain bike with khaki shorts and either blow by them or hold them off from passing for as long as I can. Yeah, maybe a little too aggressive.

Well, the roadie was getting closer so I hammered down. The slight downhill gave me tons of speed. The paved trail was slick and all of a sudden, the trail turned right and went downhill very sharply. I squeezed both brakes which kicked out the rear tire left then right then left and all of a sudden I was airborne.  

The roadie stopped and made sure I was ok. Asking me my name and if I lived nearby... did I have my cell phone... just making sure I was coherent. 

All in all, heres the damage: 
- Cracked helmet
- Bent front rim
- Bent saddle
- Scrapes on shoulder, elbow, and ankle

That's about it. Hopefully it won't cost too much to replace/repair those parts. I'd rather get stitches than have to buy new parts!

This was straight when I left my house.

This was also straight.

Had to dismantle so it would fit in my wifes car.

Elbow booboo

Shoulder scrape.


Nanny Diaries said...

hahaha. i probably shouldnt be laughing.

-sarah nicosia muench

Mike said...

Nah, it's cool! I laughed too. You have to!

Matt & Randi McComber said...

Didn't know you had a blog! The crash photos were awesome. Check out my blog and see where I rode today. We should meet up somewhere halfway some weekend and ride.

Mike said...

DUDE! You did not ride White Clay?! That's awesome! My parents live just minutes from there! My brother and I use to ride there all the time, and he still does!

Holy crap! Dude, let me know when you are back in Delaware! My new bike wheel comes today so all I need next is a saddle and helmet!