Thursday, July 31, 2014

Items of Want 001

Slinghammer Co. x 1924 Hankies

I often get a few small humorous jabs at my use of a hankie but the truth is I love them. They’re so incredibly useful. I’ve put mine through everything from checking the oil in my car to wiping away my wife’s tears (I try and carry two when I can). These particular ones are unique and made from WWII military shelters. I like that.

[Acquired] Topo Designs Accessory Bags

I picked the camo/orange combo because it’s just plain cool. Not sure why else really, I just think the contrast is awesome. Who doesn’t need a little pouch to store odds and ends and keep your bag from turning into a gypsy camp? Keep things organized.

Best Made Co. Lensatic Cruiser Compass

German engineered precision in a small but durable package. Navigation is an important part of being a man (don’t get lost) and essential to survival. This multi-functional compass is ready for use in the backcountry and I’m ready to test it.

Zulu Nylon Gear Indy Satchel

Big enough to carry what you actually need and nothing more. You may recognize this design from a certain well known Doctor’s exciting exploits. Made by hand in the USA and ready for adventure, I’d love to see this bag broken in after years of exploring.

ITS Engraved Swedish Mora FireKnife

It may not be the prettiest but it has a proven track record. Make no mistake that this is a survival knife through and through. I prefer the orange and grey color because it’s not something I want to lose if I actually need it. Also, the ability to start fire with embedded ferro rod could mean the difference between a hot or cold meal.

The Art of Manliness Pocket Knife

This is a knife I’d love to have in my pocket or tool box for years after using and eventually pass down to the kid as his first knife. Having a pocket knife is important but you don’t want to give the boy the best one you have. For whittling and carving, this is perfect. Copy of Adventures of Tom Sawyer not included.

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