Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Randolph Engineering - Handcrafting Legacy

Randolph Engineering is one of those companies I'm proud to show my support for. Both in my word of mouth recommendation but also with my wallet.

I ordered my first pair of Randolph Engineering sunglasses, the Aviator, a few months ago and couldn't be more happy with them.

Here's a few pics* I took with my new glasses:
*no laughing allowed, even if the pic may be cheesy.

Stop. Hammock time.

DC Metro superstar

USA - Randolph Engineering, Field Notes, GORUCK

Aviators & Brass 

The White House

Ready to summit Robertson Mountain

You can't help but smile.

Want to know what I think the coolest part is about Randolph Engineering eyewear? Fighter pilots and astronauts wear these! Need I say more?

Anyway, here is your chance to get a pair of amazing sunglasses made right here in America [Randolph, Massachusetts] for a great price. Only on Huckberry.

But wait, there's more...
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Anonymous said...

Your aviators look great. What frame/lens are these? Matte chrome and grey?

Mike said...

Anonymous, mine are the matte chrome with grey polarized lenses. I really love that look. If I were an actual pilot, I'd have to ditch the polarized though.

Anonymous said...

what size is your frame 52, 55, or 58mm?


Mike said...

My frame is 55mm. I think it's a nice fit but I haven't tried the others on in person.