Monday, January 04, 2010

Heed the call, the Call of Duty.

I don't consider myself a gamer but I guess I am. I mean, I only like a few games but those few games take up a lot of my time.

What is the biggest and best game right now? Modern Warfare 2. You probably have heard of it. It sold like a kajillion copies and also had some negative press but either way, you must have been under a rock if you don't know of it.

In the game, you can setup 5 different "classes" with customized weapons and "perks" that can help you achieve a win in a multiplayer game. Did I mention this is a game you play with tons and tons of people online? Probably kajillion.

Anyway, I'm constantly changing classes and I thought I would share with you what I have set up now and why I chose it. But really, these change almost daily.


Class 1 - "Assault"

In a nutshell, this is my standard class. Nothing fancy and just good strong power. This is what I use when I'm not doing well and need to rank up some kills.

Primary - ACR
- Red Dot Sight (fast enemy alignment and works at long range)
- Full Metal Jackets

Secondary - Glock 18 (a super fast secondary weapon can really help)
- Red Dot Sight (can reach out and hit people easier than iron sights)
- Full Metal Jackets

1 Frag Grenade

2 Stun Grenades

- Bling Pro (sometimes rotate with Sleight of Hand Pro)
- Stopping Power Pro
- Steady Aim


Class 2 - "Run"

This is probably my most used class. I love this class. It works on smaller maps and even large maps but if I ever have a bad series, I'll switch to the "Assault" class. In my opinion, most people don't know how to react fast enough when someone is literally running everywhere (and fast) with a knife that can really reach out and get them.

Primary - Vector (love this gun but only picked it because it's an SMG, I never fire it)
- Full Metal Jackets

Seconday - M9 (I keep this out but only b/c of the tactical knife, rarely fire bullets)
- Tactical Knife (the tactical knife with the speed in the perks is deadly!)

Semtex Grenade

2 Stun Grenades

- Marathon Pro
- Lightweight Pro
- Commando Pro


Class 3 - "Challenge"

This class changes the most because it's really just to focus on challenges. If I need more kills with a certain weapon, I turn it on here. It's really a random grouping of weapons and perks but they do serve a purpose.

Primary - M16A4
- Grenade Launcher (working on my noob tube achievements)

Secondary - One Many Army (sometimes I just "change" into this same class so I can refill on ammo!)

Semtex Grenade

2 Flash Grenades

- One Man Army
- Danger Close (using this perk with the noob tube to maximize damage)
- Scrambler (hate this perk because it gives me away but I need to level it up)


Class 4 - "Misc"

This class also changes a lot. I like to play stealthy but still be hard hitting so this is what I have setup for now. Nothing amazing but an all around decent class.

Primary - ACR (just a good all around rifle for me)
- Full Metal Jackets

Secondary - M9 (rarely use but I have a good sidearm and fast knife if necessary)
- Tactical Knife

Semtex Grenade

2 Flash Grenades

- Scavenger Pro (I seem to do well with this class and running out of ammo sucks)
- Cold Blooded Pro (love staying invisible to helicopters/harriers/uav's/turrets..!)
- Steady Aim


Class 5 - "Sneaky"

When I want to run around with no one knowing where I am, I turn this class on. Shooting doesn't show up (and can barely hear) and I'm invisible to UAV's and everything else. Oh, and I can even run without making a sound. Something I just unlocked was the Pro version of Cold Blooded. Now, if people are just scanning, I wont show up if they put their sights over me. Before, their sights would turn red and my name might have shown up, not now!

Primary - ACR (my best gun right now)
- Silencer (stay off the grid...)
- Full Metal Jackets (...still pack a punch)

Secondary - AA-12 (don't mind going loud for just a minute)
- Red Dot Sight (had a silencer but range was way too short)

Throwing Knife (reusable and totally demoralizing!)

2 Stun Grenades

- Bling Pro
- Cold Blooded Pro (with this perk and Ninja Pro, I'm totally off the grid)
- Ninja Pro


Death Streaks - All have Painkiller. I know kids hate that. I do too but it's useful. If I get killed 4 times in a row then I'm having a bad game and need some help. I call it the Dr. Mario Pill and my friend Dave says "someone is on the pill." Hah! Love it!

Kill Streaks - I'll change these up depending on how well (or crappy) I'm playing but right now, they are:

- 5 kills - Predator Missile
- 7 kills - Harrier Strike
- 9 kills - Pave Low

If I do really bad for a few games, I open up just something in 3, 4, and 5. Just so I keep getting presents and stay motivated!

Now that I told you what I have, feel free to use it and let me know if it works for you. Also, I'd love to hear what load outs you've had luck with!

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Stian said...

Interesting choices in your classes. I'll have to try out some of these combinations. :)

I usually put my trust in the good ol' M4A1, with either Red Dot Sight or ACOG attached. As secondary weapon, I usually have G18 Akimbo, Model 1887 Akimbo or SPAS12.

The M4A1 is very good at medium to long distance, and so I need something more proper for close quarter combat as secondary weaponry.

For perks I have Scavenger Pro (gotta have that ammo!), Lightweight Pro and Ninja Pro.

I also usually have a similar class, only with the Stinger instead of the other secondary weapons mentioned above, for when those God damn Harriers come in and f**k shit up. :p